Giants Cheerleading

2021 Fall Season Information

  • Divisions: Pop Warner cheer age groupings are as follows (children must be minimum age by July 31):
    • Tiny Mites: 6 years old
    • Mitey Mites: 7-9 years old
    • Jr. Pee Wee: 8-11 years old
      * Please register for the age group that aligns to your child’s age as of July 31, 2021.  Coaches will make adjustments as needed, based on age group, experience, skill level, etc. See more info about placement below in FAQs.
  • Season: August 2 - November; Saturday games in the greater-Charlotte area beginning August 28!
  • Practices: Squads practice 2-3 times per week, depending upon age group, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays.  Actual days depend upon coaches’ availability and facilities.
  • Home Game Location: Community School of Davidson Athletic Fields (Beatties Ford Rd, Huntersville)
  • Competition: All squads will participate in a local cheer competition held annually in late October; Opportunities for advancement to regional and national competitions.

Registration Requirements

  • Cost for season is $300; Covers uniform (returned at the end of season), shoes, bows, bloomers, insurance and facility fees.
  • Need-based scholarships are available, email Brooke Whalen to inquire.
  • Forms required at registration:


Email Cheer Coordinator Brooke Whalen with any questions. 


What does the schedule look like?
Our fall season starts with practices beginning in early August. The first game of the fall 2021 season is set for August 28!

We usually practice 2-3 times per week, depending upon age group, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays.  Actual days depend upon coaches’ availability and facilities.  All football games are on Saturdays in the Charlotte-metro area. Our cheer squads cheer for the football games that match up to their age group. We also end the season with a local competition, and our older squads have the opportunity to advance to Regionals in November and Nationals in December. For our 2021 season, the Regional competition is planned for Concord, NC and Nationals are expected to be at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

Where are practices and games?
We practice at locations in the Lake Norman area.  Due to COVID, our facilities for the upcoming fall season are still being negotiated, but in the past we have practiced at Bailey Middle School and J.V. Washam Elementary School in Cornelius.  Home games will be held at the Community School of Davidson / Huntersville Athletic Complex in Huntersville, NC. All football games are held in the Charlotte-metro area.

Are there additional costs?
Families also are responsible for the cost of travel related to competitions, but in the past we have done fundraisers that have helped to offset travel costs.  Fundraising is completely optional per cheerleader.

Who are the coaches?
All of our coaches for both cheer and football are 100% volunteers and are not compensated whatsoever for their time.

We often need additional coaches and volunteers to help us stay organized.  Although it helps, cheer experience is not required.  We are a team of coaches and stay in touch frequently to make sure everyone feels supported. Each coach must also undergo a background check and pass the Pop Warner Youth Cheer and Dance Alliance training and certification.

Who do I talk to about coaching or volunteering?
We would love to have you on board! Please contact for more information on becoming a coach or volunteering. We have plenty of non-coaching opportunities like helping with paperwork, coordinating schedules for game-day drinks and snacks, and so much more!

What team will my child be on?
Age groups do overlap. Cheerleaders are placed on squads by coaching team based on age, experience, skill level, and number of cheerleaders registered for that age group.

For example, a 9 year old may be on the Pee Wee squad if she/he has cheered for multiple years and has advanced tumbling skills, whereas a different 9 year old may be on our Mitey Mites squad if this is their first year cheering.

Can I request to be on the same team as another child or family?
We will do our best to honor all requests when possible. We understand that a carpool makes life easier! We must comply with Pop Warner age requirements and other specifications but will try to accommodate when we can.

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